Red Hat OpenStack Platform 101

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 101


During this workshop, you get your first taste of using and operating a Red Hat OpenStack Platform cloud. After the workshop, you will have hands on experience working with software defined networking, software defined storage, managing security groups and using heat to define application stacks.

Who should attend

  • System Administrators
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Technical leads
  • Operations Engineers

What you will learn

  • Working in the OpenStack Dashboard and CLI
  • Managing Neutron Networks and Floating IPs
  • Managing Security Groups, Images and Instances
  • Using Heat for Orchestration
  • Using Software defined block and object Storage


This workshop on Red Hat OpenStack Platform is designed as an introduction for those who are intending to implement a cloud computing environment using OpenStack. Students will learn a small taste of how to operate Red Hat OpenStack Platform. In this course you will use both Horizon and the unified command-line interface. Labs

Workshop Login Info

Each student will be assigned a number at the beginning of the workshop. This number will be used throughout the labs.

Anywhere you see studentX, substitute the number you were assigned at the start of the workshop for the X.


User Name: studentX (where X is the number you were assigned)
Password: Instructor will give out at beginning

Environment Links

Your instructor will provide the following:

  • URL for OpenStack Dashboard
  • Username and Password
  • Information to access a system via SSH for the CLI lab


These labs have been tailored for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 11