Containers 101 Workshop


Come and build a container! This workshop will introduce you to Linux containers. During the course of this workshop you will gain a foundational container hands-on training.

What you will learn

  • Install docker, buildah, podman, and skopeo

  • Run an existing container image

  • Build a new container from a base container image

  • Push the new container image to a container registry


Today is meant for anyone who has any exposure to Linux containers, whether you have used it or not. We are going to start with a short overview (yes, slideware) and then we’ll get into the lab as soon as possible. That is where we will spend most of our time.

Your Responsibilities

Have a discussion. This will be boring if it’s just us up here talking for over 2 hours. Participate. Have questions. Have opinions. Hopefully you have your laptop with you. If not, please find a shoulder-surfing buddy.


Special Thanks to

  • Jamie Duncan

  • Jason Callaway

Workshop Details

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